Race Day

Order of Events

2:30 pmPit Meeting
3:00 pmPack the Track
3:30 pmHot Laps
Fever 42 Laps
Outlaw Super Stock2 Laps
Modified2 Laps
3:45 pmNational Anthems
4:00 pmHeat Races
Fever 48 Laps
Fever 48 Laps
Outlaw Super Stock8 Laps
Outlaw Super Stock8 Laps
Modified8 Laps
Modified8 Laps
4:45 pmTrophy Dash(Top 4 Each Class)
Fever 44 Laps
Outlaw Super Stock4 Laps
Modified4 Laps
5:00 pmIntermission
5:30 pmMains
Fever420 LapsWinner to Winner Circle
Top 2 to Tech
Outlaw Super Stock20 LapsWinner to Winner Circle
Top 2 to Tech
Modified20 LapsWinner to Winner Circle
Top 2 to Tech
Winner of Dash and Main of each class to the pit stage


Race Day Procedure

  • Pit gates open at 1 pm
  • Front gates open at 1 pm
  • Pit meeting at 2:30 pm
  • Pack the Track 3 pm
  • Hot Laps at 3:30 pm
  • Anthems at 3:45 pm Cars Front Stretch, Engines Off (Fevers be ready to go to staging for heat races)
  • Races to follow
  • Heat races by pill draw at check in (no fast and slow heat)
    • No parade laps, double file on the back stretch, race will go green
    • 8 laps for all classes
  • Trophy Dash
    • Top 4 from each class
    • No parade laps, double file on back stretch, race will go green
    • 4 laps and winner payout is $20.00 plus trophy
    • Winner will get trophy and cash after the races
  • Short intermission for an event ie candy toss, bike race, 3 legged race, nickel toss, or trivia
  • Track Water
  • Main Event
    • Roll of a die invert, 1 – 6
    • Double up for 1 parade lap to wave to the fans
      • Drivers please WAVE, the kids love it
    • Green flag next lap
    • 20 laps for Fevers,
    • 20 laps for Outlaw Super Stocks
    • 20 laps for Modified
    • Winner pulls to the winner circle for picture with the flag and fans, then a short interview.
  • Each class winner to pull into the awards area for fans and other competitors to view and share the time with winners.
  • Pay will be given at the pit stage table, short awards ceremony for Dash and Main Winners.
  • A DJ, band, or music will be on at the band shell for 1 hour after the races.


Race Structure

  • After coming onto the track, each racer doubles to a clean even double up, the pole sitter sets the pace, slow and steady, no jack rabbit starts or brake checking.
  • The pole sitter also starts the race, he is on the pole, and the race can start anytime between the orange tires. The pole sitter has the call. Jumping the start is a warning the 1st time, 2nd is to the tail. Discretion is to the flag man. If it’s not a clean start the flagman will caution the race out of turn 2 to avoid a front stretch pile up. The flagman, assistant, or corner flagger will call all cautions. The booth can assist, but assist only.
  • Cautions will be lined up by the booth over the radio, then advised of laps to go.
    • Leader will take the point. 2nd will choose inside or outside, 3rd will do the opposite. 4th, 6th, 8th and so on start on the inside.
  • The flagman will give the double up and 1 to go signal.
  • The flagman will give the layover flag each time needed.
  • The flagman will give the crossed green and white for halfway.
  • The flagman will give the waving green for 2 to go.
  • The flagman will give the presented white flag then waving for the one to go.
  • The flagman will give the presented checkered flag then waving for the finish.
  • The flagman will present the standing yellow flag for caution laps for cleanup. A slow pace, single file is needed. Slower cars are to catch up to the tail of the field as soon as possible.
  • In the event of a caution after the white flag has been presented to the LEADER. That lap will be considered a completed lap. The next lap is the completion of the race with a waving checkered flag and caution flag. The caution ends the race immediately.
  • In the event of a red flag situation, the red light, and red flag will be presented, also the flagman will radio ‘red flag all stop, red flag, all stop’
    • If any driver does not respect the all stop he will be black flagged immediately and be asked to leave the track when safe.
  • All lineups after the original start will be ‘DELAWARE DOUBLE’ which is the leader on the point, 2nd place chooses inside or outside, then the field files in corresponding placing. (The leader is in front, he will always have the row to himself and restart the race between the orange tires)
  • The one caution rule is in effect for the heat races and trophy dash. 1 caution and you will be asked to go pit side, or be given the black flag.
  • The 2 caution rule is in effect for the main events.
  • In the event of many cautions during a single race, the 5th caution or red, the lineup will be single file for the rest of the event. If any event lasts longer than 20 minutes, excluding red flag time, the green, white, and checkers will finish the race.
  • In the event a competitor has a safety issue or flat tire he will be given the black flag/yellow diamond to exit the track and get the repairs needed. That competitor can return when it’s safe to do so.